Week commencing 12th June 2023

The BBC report on a story about a Christian school worker winning an appeal against her sacking over Facebook posts criticising plans to teach about LGBTQ+ issues in the primary school where she worked. Claiming that she had been sacked because of her Christian beliefs, Kristie Higgs has won an appeal against a tribunal that upheld her dismissal for gross misconduct.

Also on the BBC news site are details of the growing rift between churches in the Southern Baptist Convention in the US, which has expelled churches led by women pastors.

Reporting on the SNP leadership contest, the BBC cite Kay Forbes who suggests people of faith are afraid of politics after facing a backlash against her religious views on marriage and abortion.

The Guardian reports on Church of England vicars demanding a rise in the stipend because of the cost-of-living crisis. Unite union has submitted a pay claim on behalf of its clergy members.