Week commencing 13th September 2021

The BBC report that Morocco’s Islamist Development and Justice Party (PJD), which was the first Islamist party to come to power in an election in the region and the wider Middle East following the Arab Spring, has suffered a major defeat in the country’s elections.

The Washington Post writes about a lawsuit being brought against the Mormon Church which alleges misuse of tithes and fraud. However, a federal judge has ruled against the case, stating it would be unlikely to convince a jury.

The Religion News Service reports on a new Anne Frank Centre being established in South Carolina, USA, aiming to combat racism through education.

The Guardian reports on the plea for Protestant marches not to pass by Catholic churches as the Orange marching season takes place in Northern Ireland.

The Guarding also reports on a new social media trend, #donottouchmyclothes, highlighting the concerns of women in Afghanistan under the new Taliban regime.