Week commencing 30th May 2022

Religionnews.com reports on comments made by the leader of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Epiphanius, who portrayed Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill as a politician dressed in fine vestments and a gem-studded mitre of a churchman, stating: “he bears responsibility as much as Putin for all the war crimes that the Russian army commits in Ukraine.”

According to the Guardian, Hong Kong churches are now dropping Tiananmen tributes after 33 years of marking the protests in China because of fears of arrest.

The Guardian also runs a story from Australia that highlights overt anti-Semitism in a secondary school, featuring allegations from former pupils that the Principal of the school endorsed Nazism.

Also in Australia, the Guardian reports that the first Muslim federal ministers are sworn in using the Quran, with hopes that a new era of inclusivity is ushered in for Australian politics.