Week commencing 22nd November 2021

The Guardian reports on how Australian politics and religion are in conflict over the rights of LGBTQ+ people. Religious discrimination laws and protection for gay students and teachers are set to be flashpoints in the contest between progressive independents and Liberal moderates in inner-city seats.

The Guardian also reports on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s condemnation of how vicars are portrayed on TV.

The news service RNS reports that Disney have produced a Tarot deck featuring its well-known animated characters and asks if this is part of a continued mainstreaming of the ‘occult’ practice.

Also reported by RNS is the removal of a Seventh Day Adventist pastor from his post in a New York church after he made comments that he approved of marital rape.

The Independent asks whether football can replace religion.

On the UK Government’s website a press release states that the UK will be hosting an international conference to promote freedom of religion and belief.