‘What You Don’t Hear From The Pulpit’ – online 23rd November

Hosted by the Centre for Religion in Society.

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Dr Sharon Jagger is in conversation with Dr Alex Fry, whose new book ‘Gender Inequality in the Ordained Ministry of the Church of England’ takes a closer look at the views of male clergy in the Church of England who remain against women’s ordination.

Dr Fry’s research explores the viewpoints of clergy who believe the priesthood is exclusively male and identifies the historical, social and psychological processes that underpin these viewpoints. What theological arguments are put forward to support these views? How do they view their female colleagues? What do they think of the Church’s structural accommodation of their positions? What are the sources of these beliefs?

Dr Alex Fry is a Lecturer in Sociology at Bournemouth University. Dr Sharon Jagger is lecturer in Religion at York St. John.